Tools 01


Tools is the assistant of the CEO of evil Corp. in the second episode of Bob the spy. He speaks mostly in gibberish but is still understandable. This character is played by Arjen.

Tools stalks Bob the Spy to make sure he doesn't find Evil Corp. headquarters. When Tools shoots a random civilian who is talking to Bob, Bob follows him to the headquarters. Later he knocks Bob out and throws him out of a window. A while later he's ordered to fight Bob who deflects all his weapons with puns. Tools fights with tools. His weapons are a pencil, a hammer, a saw, and a screwdriver. When Tools does a charge forward out of rage he trips and falls from the 30th floor. His real name is Bøb.
Tools 02

Tools with his saw

At the end of the video he explodes for no apparent reason and is presumably dead.