The proffesor 1

Sceptical proffesor is sceptical

The Professor is a mysterious character from the Captain Earwax series. He lives in the Captain's Mansion but nobody knows exactly who he is or where he came from. We only know that he went to Cambridge. He is dressed in a labcoat and wears a mortarboard. This character is played by Sjo. His connections to Professor D. Bagg and Professor A. Hole are unknown.


  • Proffesor 2

    The Proffesor in his box

    In the second episode Mucusboy and Captain Earwax ask the Professor to help them to defeat El Diablo. The Professor shows of his skill and supreme intelligence with his weapon that turns people into Lucha Libre wrestlers. In the end of the episode he asks if he can play a game with them and they lock him up.
  • In the fifth episode he has a very small role in which he pops up from behind the sofa and suggests that mucusboy should go after the Captain. While Mucusboy pushes him back down, the professor states that he went to Cambridge and deserves better than this.

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