The Lady-Killer is a hard-boi
Lady killer 1

Lady-Killer waitng for a job.

led detective in the video the Lady-Killer. He is played by Sjo, but his voice, heard only in narration, is done by Jan.


The Lady-Killer is generally pessimistic. He Drinks a lot, it is suggested that he smokes, and it seems business is not going well for him. Little is known about his past. He mentions that in the good old days he was considerd to be the best in town. He also states that he's "had his share of fisticuffs before" and states that he "can't imagine why" people call him the Lady-Killer. In the end he says he never liked the name, but that it's appropriate nonetheless.

He seems to have few friends. The only person who seems to qualify is a man identified as an "associate", who looks uncannily like the BPM.