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A fanart of slimey by our biggest fan!

Tess is Sjo's dog. She already had several roles in Answer a Day and the role of slimey the wonderdog in Captain Earwax 4. She also had a small role in neon genesis solstice were she assaults Arjen and Jan in the end. Tess is a Hungarian Vizsla
Answer a Day 86 Sjo Resubscribes00:47

Answer a Day 86 Sjo Resubscribes

The episode where she slept on sjo's bed

Answer a Day 74 Sjo is Rejoicing00:47

Answer a Day 74 Sjo is Rejoicing

the episode where she wears a christmas hat.

and the cutest dog in the world.
Neon Genesis Solstice 103:18

Neon Genesis Solstice 1

A small role which consist of asaulting arjen and jan

Captain Earwax 4 Explosions Galore07:08

Captain Earwax 4 Explosions Galore

Tess as Slimey the Wonder Dog

Answer a Day 195 Sjo re-embraces01:45

Answer a Day 195 Sjo re-embraces

She sleeps on my bed again

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