Afbeelding 2

The General in Neon Genesis Solstice

Sjo (pronounced "show", which is what that joke is) is the happy thoughts that make the Jan and Arjen Sjo fly. He's essentially a cannon of endless energy and the one who tends to think of the twist that changes everything. The videos that aren't written by Jan basically get written by Sjo, on the spot.

Beatles sjo

Sjo as the fifth beatle


Pizza baker, Dragon slayer, Ninja, Plumber, Mad Scientist, Bartender, Famous Haarlemmer, Detective, The fifth Beatle, Comedian, Spy, Commissioner, Mexican wrestler, Whovian, World traveller, Shimigami captain and savior of damsels in distress in the weekends.

Major Roles.Edit

  1. Ninja
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    Sjo as the Lady-Killer

  2. Bob the Spy
  3. Kuchiki Byakuya
  4. Doctor Villain
  5. El Diablo
  6. Kris Kaboom
  7. Commando
  8. Lady-Killer
  9. C.I. Sergeant Anderson
  10. Proffesor Alexander Hole
  11. The Professor
  12. The Commissioner
  13. Himself

And Many other .