The robot by Sjo

The robot (also known as 0x726f626f740d0a) is a character in the Pirate vs Ninja series. It is played by Jan, Arjen and Sjo, though not at the same time.

The robot makes its first and only appearance in Pirate vs Ninja 2: Rise of the Machines. When the B.P.M. isn't able to defeat the pirate and ninja the W.G.O. decide to fire him and send in the robot to do the dirty deed. At first the pirate and ninja are unable to defeat this metal monstrosity, but then the B.P.M. decides to help his (sort of) friends in order to prove his worth.

When brute strength doesn't do the job they try to overclock its processor. Finally the robot explodes while trying to calculate (int)"Arrrr"/0;.
Jan & Arjen Sjo Robot

Jan & Arjen Sjo Robot

Inside the suit it's quite hot and you can't see shit, so stepping off of a curb can be quite a challenge.