The United States Presidential election of 1964 was won by the Democratic candidate Bob making him the 36th president of the United States of America. He defeated the Republican Candidate Bobby (Bob) by a Landslide.

President Bob is an incredible irresponsible politician. Luckily he has his trusted advisor, General Bob, to hold him back. His catchphrase consists of a gasp and a incredulous "No!". He usually covers his mouth when saying his catchphrase, even when it's not physically possible to do so.

In the original Flash animation, the president had subtitles that overdramatized his utterings, even though the subtitles were accurate for anyone else.


In the first Bob the Spy video, the president had but a single scene, in which he ordered Bob the Spy to be deployed (after first ordering the launch of nuclear missiles, which was overruled by General Bob).

In The Spy Who Bobbed Me, the president was kidnapped by the CEO of Evil Corp. He was later saved by Bob the Spy, after which they and General Bob went out for hamburgers.

Afbeelding 9

General Bob (l), President Bob (m), and Bob the Spy (r) eating hamburgers.