Pirate vs Ninja 305:57

Pirate vs Ninja 3.5 In the Middle of History

Pirate vs Ninja 3.5: In the Middle of History

Today our beloved World Government Organisation is lead by the Badass Punk Motherfucker, the Ninja and the Pirate. But little is known about the events that brought back this feudal system of absolute monarchy. The Middle of History takes you back to those faithful days filled with unprecedented levels of chaos and destruction. Acompanied by their top specialists The Middle of History will shed a light on the events that shook the very foundations of this world.


Jan: B.P.M. & Professor Desmond Bagg

Arjen: Pirate & Kusokubi Sensei

Sjo: Ninja, Bob the Spy & Professor Alexander Hole

And last but not least Caleb: Eyewitness

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