Neon Genesis Solstice03:18

Neon Genesis Solstice

This is the Jan and Arjen Sjo's first Christmas Special: Neon Genesis Solistice. The original idea for this video came one night when the team was watching the first Neon Genesis Evangelion movie. The technical mumbo jumbo during one of the scenes in which the characters prepare for combat, That combined with Sjo's unquenchable desire (nay, need) to make a Christmas special, inspired this script.

Starring (by group):Edit

Afbeelding 2

The General and 1st Lieutenant Yusuf Alhazred


Mision Control:Edit

  • Sjo as The General
  • Jan as 1st Lieutenant Yusuf Alhazred

Orbital Space Teliscope:Edit

  • Jan as Captain Henri de la Maire DSc
  • Arjen as Scientist Levi Langnar DSc
  • Sjo as Scientist Mike Zacharius DSc

Delta team in the field:Edit

  • Jan as Sergeant Major Cornelius Chesterfield
  • Sjo as Corporal Blutch
  • Arjen as Private 1st class Jenkins

Tech station:Edit

  • Arjen as super hacker PWNN00bz666

Core Techical UnitEdit

  • Jan as specialist technician Luke Rooseveld
  • Arjen as specialist technician Saul Jøhannson
  • Sjo as specialist technician Erwin von Ravenstein

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