Freeze 1

Mr. Anti-Freeze in his evil lair (his mother's garage)

Mr. Anti-Freeze a.k.a. Anthony Freezes is a new super villain in the Captain Earwax series. His first apearance is in the fifth episode: the Meltdown. This character is played by Jan

Mr. Anti-Freeze is a super villain who wants to flood the earth by melting al the world ice reserves.This to ensure his world domination and to put an end to those pesky ice skating programs. He plans on doing this from his mother's garage which he uses as his secret lair. He is a big fan of Hamtaro.

Freeze 2

There you are!

He is the first Jan and Arjen Sjo villain who reaches out to the social media. He can be found on twitter: @mrantifreeze where he post al his evil plans and superiour thougths.

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