Hyper9000 (Shoot Your Shot 6)

Hyper9000 (Shoot Your Shot 6)

The video

Hyper9000 is a video made for Shoot Your Shot #6.
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Hyper 9000

The competition's theme , "Fast" gave Sjo the idea of someone being so fast that it seemed as if rest off the world stood still. This idea came with a single joke, namely the closeup of the dilating pupil. Because it was created for a Dutch film competition, it is the only Jan and Arjen Sjo episode entirely in Dutch.


The side-effects are:

  • foetor ex ore
  • halitoses
  • hepatitis
  • necrosis
  • acute purging
  • power to bend space and time
  • Loss of scent

Don't take more than one per day!