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El Diablo in the snow

El Diablo is the main super villain in The second episode of the captain earwax series. This character is played by Sjo with a mask that he bought in Mexico on one of his journeys.

El Diablo Speaks only Spanish which makes him impossible to understand. At the door he is confused by the captain for a girl scout. El Diablo has a very unique way of dealing with misunderstandings. He uses the Lucha Libre.

He has two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is called Carlos and the girl's name is Fernanda.
El Diablo 3

El Diablo as a succesfull Businessman with a picture of his kids


  • There is no explanation why he came to the Captain's mansion in the second Captian Earwax episode but he'll brawl anywhere. In the end he is defeated by his only weakness: another mexican wrestler.
  • He has a small role in the third episode as the Captain's punching bag.
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    El Diablo by dukesjo

  • In the fifth Captain Earwax Episode the Captain visits him at his work. When El Diablo isn't brawling he is a very succesful businessman.