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the doctor in is!

Doctor Villain is an antagonist in the Captain Earwax series and the arch-enemy of the Captain. He wears a medical doctor's costume, complete with stethoscope. This character is played by Sjo .


Doctor Villain is a real medical doctor. He has a PhD in villainness and a major in electrical engineering. All of his weapons are handmade. The doctor enjoyes a good laugh and plays the piano. He has a inquisitive Nature, that's why he tried to eat the earwax that was on his gun. In the third captain earwax episode he infiltrates the


Captain Earwax Chrunchy-o's

Captain's hideout and tries to find all the weaknesses.He is later stopt by "Captain Earwax Crunchy-o's ".Doctor Villain has several henchmen which he callls goons. Two of them apear in the first episode. One of them is a humpback and the other has a mask over his face that makes him unable to see.


  • Advanced weapons. He and his henchmen all have futuristic weaponry.
  • Cunning strategist, although that may be because the Captain is simply a lot dumber than him.
    Afbeelding 10

    Playing the piano and enjoying a joke

  • He works at the local academic hospital as a cardiac surgeon
  • An army of henchmen / goons (2 of them)

Medical proffesionEdit

As a cardiac surgeon he is specialised in:

  • Ischemic heart diseases
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Congenital heart diseases
  • Valvular heart diseases from various causes including endocarditis, reheumatic heart disease, and artherosclerosis
  • Heart transplantation

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