D. Bagg 1

D. Bagg in the local museum

Professor Desmond Obadiah Bagg Is the alround history specialist in the world of the Jan and Arjen Sjo. He is a professor at the local University and his specialties are World Civilation, American History, and contemporary history. He is the writer, co-producer and star of the "The Middle of Histroy" series. Proffesor A. Hole is his colleague and personal friend. His connections to The Proffesor are unknown. This character is played by Jan.

D. Bagg 2

Proffesor D. Bagg in his study

Curriculum vitaeEdit

  • The Middle of Histroy (writer and co-producer)
  • Winner of 4 A.H.A. Awards
  • Cooking with ancient Greece (cooking show)
  • Professor of history at the local university
  • Second place at the World Beard and Moustache Championships
  • Can hold his breath for 1:59:32 minutes

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