Captain Earwax episode 1 Villain, M.D08:32

Captain Earwax episode 1 Villain, M.D.

This is the very first Captain Earwax video in the trivially acclaimed series.

In this episode we follow the adventures of Captain Earwax, the paragon of righteousness and cookies, as he tries to stop the nefarious Dr. Villain from carrying out his evil plan! Accompanied by his trusted sidekick Mucusboy he awkwardly stumbles into the fray and fights off waves of henchmen to ensure the safety of the the free world.


  1. Arjen as Captain Earwax and Henchman
  2. Jan as Mucusboy and Henchman
  3. Sjo as Doctor Villain and El Diablo
  4. Joosje as a raging fangirl

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