Captain Earwax (a.k.a. Bruce Plain) is the main protagonist in the Captain Earwax videos. He is played by Arjen.
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The Captain is readying his earwax


Not much has been revealed about the Captain's origins. In episode 2 we see a younger Bruce living with his uncle Ken and aunt Will. It's established that uncle Ken was killed by the Joker. Uncle Ken's final advice to Bruce is misunderstood "With great power there must also come weird costumes, sidekicks, and vaguely gay undertones." (The original line, though inaudible, was "With great power comes great cheeseburgers.") It is suggested that Captain Earwax has decided to become a superhero based on this misunderstanding.

His intelligence is considered to be very low. This is why his sidekick Mucusboy does all the work.

The idea for the character came from lemon curd, which according to Jan looks a bit like earwax. The earwax in the videos is in fact a mix of lemon curd and honey.


  • Hand to hand combat
    • The Captain has read "Kung-fu for Dummies" once, briefly.
  • Earwax powers
    • Earwax. The Captain covers himself in earwax to gross out anyone trying to touch him. The earwax is also sometimes used to get out of dire situations, even though it isn't always explained how this works.
    • Shield. The captain doesn't have an earwax shield.
    • Nutrition. It is eatable but not recommended.