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Mucusboy(l) Dr. Villain and Captain Earwax (r)

Captain Earwax is the Jan and Arjen Sjo's second biggest series. It follows the adventures of Captain Earwax and Mucusboy, a duo of crimefighting superheroes. Together they fight villains like Doctor Villain, El Diablo, Mr. Anti-Freeze and Kris Kaboom.

Since Captain Earwax is too stupid to ever be useful, Mucusboy usually ends up doing most of the work.

The scripts for Captain Earwax are written by Jan, who also plays Mucusboy.


Captain Earwax episode 1: Villain, M.D. Edit

  • We follow the adventures of Captain Earwax, the paragon of righteousness and cookies, as he tries to stop dr. Villain from carrying out his evil plan!

Captain Earwax episode 2: EL DIABLO Edit

  • Captain Earwax is back, if by "back" you mean playing videogames. However, a hoodlum from his past is hot on his trail and looking to Vengarma his ass! Can the captain and his sidekick overcome this evil threat, and return to eating cookies and playing video games once more? And more importantly, can they do so without too much gay innuendo?

Captain Earwax episode 3: Sidekick Blues Edit

  • Mucusboy reveals his origin story, and a dramatic twist ensues! Will Captain Earwax *spoiler*? Can they *spoiler* *spoiler*? And what about that Egyptian?

Captain Earwax 4: Explosions Galore Edit

  • The Captain is back! And he's unshaven due to illness. But (spoiler?) he gets better! And then there's the tiny issue of a mad bomber from the previous episode blowing up the town! Can Captain Earwax and Mucusboy defeat him? Wait, can they even FIND him?

Captain Earwax 5: The Meltdown Edit

  • In this newest episode of Captain Earwax, a brand new villain is introduced! Mister Anti-Freeze plans to flood the entire world by melting all the ice... But will the Captain realize what's going on in time?